Techno Links Group

Bulk Materials Handling

Bulk Material Handling has a very broad scope, and Techno Links focuses on the Petro Chemical and Plastic industries.  We also have expertise in applications for cement plants, wood chips, salts, grains.

A challenging application was to pneumatically convey sand for a factory in Auckland, NZ. Sand is heavy and require high air velocity for pick up. Combined with its abrasive nature, the sand managed to drill thorough almost all pipe materials we used. After trying all the wearalloys available we managed to enclose the bends in a cement box, which put an end to our research.

With an understanding of the properties of different bulk materials and their handling characteristics, Techno Links is able to manage your requirements for Bulk Handling System for all applications. We are using a wide range of components for  Bulk Handling to mention belt conveyors, screw conveyors, bucket elevators, weighing feeders, etc.