Techno Links Group


There are situations when a trip from USA or Europe to our part of the world is not fully justified, considering that your presence will be required for only a limited number or hours.  We will represent you in situations that require your physical presence.

Some companies consider setting up operations in Australia, New Zealand or Asia in order to:

  • Participate in local construction and industrial projects
  • Manufacture goods or services
  • Source local materials, components or finished products

We have spent many years with business in most countries in SE Asia. And developed a strong network. We can help you throughout the entire process. This includes liaising with local official bodies, finding a suitable location to fit your budget, identifying your local partners, supporting you with staff relocation and local employment.

The Asian markets offer strong advantages in particular in the manufacturing sector, but there are many barriers for a western company operating in Asia to mention language, cultural fit, local regulations, lack of transparency and access to information. At Techno Links we have the knowledge to help you overcome most of those problems.